The National Patients’ Organization (NPO) was established in January, 2010. It is the biggest umbrella organization in Bulgaria representing approximately 80 national and regional member organizations. Since June 2010, NPO is proclaimed as a nationally representative patients’ rights organization by the Minister of Health of Bulgaria.

The establishment of NPO came as a result of the need for a strong and unified patients’ voice in Bulgaria, which would defend patients’ interests regardless of their diseases, age, gender, ethnicity and religion, sexual and political orientation.

The office of the National Patients’ Organization is located at the following address:

3 Lyuben Karavelov Str., floor 3, ap.5

Sofia 1142, Bulgaria

Working hours: 09:30-18:00 (GMT+2)

NPO further offers a call center service for patients (0700 10 515). The medical consultants deal with patient inquiries between 11:00-17:30 (GMT+2). 

NPO took part in a Patient Safety conference in Brussels

The conference devoted to the patient safety took place with the involvement of the National Patients’ Organization in Brussels. The patients have the fundamental right their medical care to be safe and yet improving, many challenges are still ahead of us.
Momchil Baev on behalf of NPO took part as a rapporteur in the working group on “Patient and family involvement in aftermath of incidents” within the conference, organized by the European Patients’ Forum (EPF). Among the main conclusions of the group was the great importance of behavior and attitude of the health practitioner and the healthcare facility towards the family of the victim in the hospital. Medical errors, adverse events or maltreatment were only part of the topics discussed in the conference.

Training on Patient Safety took place in Brussels

Building capacity in patient safety has been identified as a priority by the European Patients’ Forum’s Secretariat to encourage and support members’ effective participation in EPF’s patient safety-related activities; particularly the 2016 EU-level conference “Patient and Family Empowerment for Better Patient Safety” that is coming up on November 8-9th and its follow-up activity in 2017.