Code of conduct

The National Patients’ Organization (NPO) is a new and modern structure, based on European principles, mutual understanding, democracy and moral standards. As soon as NPO was established, an Code of Ethics was created and adopted by all NPO’s member organizations, marking a new stage in the development of the patient organizations and further laying the basis of the modern patient community in Bulgaria.

You can download the Code of Ethics here.

The Code of Ethics is synchronized with the latest European and worldwide recommendations on the governance of patient organizations, based on key principles and ethical standards for the organization’s and its members’ activities: democracy, transparency, mutual respect and understanding, social responsibility, equal of opportunities, cooperation with institutions and partners. The document introduces clear rules on fundraising and transparency.

The Code of Ethics is applicable to NPO, its members and their regional structures. Other organizations, that are not members of NPO, could also adopt the recommendations of this Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics of the patient organizations was signed by the members of NPO at an official ceremony for the establishment of the organization with the participation of media and patient advocates from all around the country.