Become a member

NPO is an open structure and welcomes membership of each patient organization which respects its working principles and goals.

NPO believes in the strength of the united patient voice and welcomes each organization which would like to be part of the largest patient family in Bulgaria – regardless of the legal status of organization, its size, the diseases or patient groups represented.

Members of NPO could be only legal entities – patient organizations.

As per the endorsed by NPO rules as well as European standards, “patient organization” is an non-profit organization (including association of patient organizations), which unites patients and / or carers and / or are compassionate about their issues whose main activities and goals comprise protections and support of the patients’ needs and / or of their carers.

Application documents:

  1. Membership application
  2. Statement from the Steering Committee of the applicant (organization) including the decision for membership in NPO, authorization of the official representative and endorsement of the Statute and Code of Ethics of NPO  
  3. Brief introduction (profile, activities)

Copies of the following documents:

  1. Court decision of the organization
  2. Certificate for current status (last 6 months)
  3. Statute of the organization
  4. Document from the Registry for Non-profit organizations

Please send all documents to the office of NPO. The documents shall be reviewed in due time. New members are endorsed with a decision of the Steering Committee following a consultation with all member organizations.