NPO took part in a Patient Safety conference in Brussels


The conference devoted to the patient safety took place with the involvement of the National Patients’ Organization in Brussels. The patients have the fundamental right their medical care to be safe and yet improving, many challenges are still ahead of us.
Momchil Baev on behalf of NPO took part as a rapporteur in the working group on “Patient and family involvement in aftermath of incidents” within the conference, organized by the European Patients’ Forum (EPF). Among the main conclusions of the group was the great importance of behavior and attitude of the health practitioner and the healthcare facility towards the family of the victim in the hospital. Medical errors, adverse events or maltreatment were only part of the topics discussed in the conference.

Training on Patient Safety took place in Brussels


Building capacity in patient safety has been identified as a priority by the European Patients’ Forum’s Secretariat to encourage and support members’ effective participation in EPF’s patient safety-related activities; particularly the 2016 EU-level conference “Patient and Family Empowerment for Better Patient Safety” that is coming up on November 8-9th and its follow-up activity in 2017.

Patients’ empowerment working group holds meeting on the patients’ rights and responsibilities


The patients’ responsibilities are equally important with the patients’ rights was the conclusion of the permanent working group of the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) that deals with patients’ empowerment. The group held a meeting in October 18th in Brussels to take further its work on Empowerment and take stock of achievements.


Better Access, Better Outcomes - Shared Vision, Shared Responsibility


In light of the current EU level debates and the upcoming own-initiative report of the European Parliament on "EU options for improving access to medicines", the MEP Interest Group on Access to Healthcare will host a special event to discuss European Commission activities on access to medicines on Wednesday, 29 June from 16:30 to 18:30 h in the European Parliament, room ASP 3E2. The event will be hosted by MEP Interest Group on Access to Healthcare.

Patients’ empowerment at a high-level policy roundtable at the European Parliament


The Patient Empowerment Campaign is entering its final weeks. After a year of advocating for patient empowerment, the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) has organized a high-level policy roundtable on the 22nd of June to present the campaign’s results and to discuss further steps at policy level. The roundtable took place at the European Parliament in Brussels, Hosted by MEPs Karin Kadenbach (S&D, Austria), Andrey Kovatchev (EPP, Bulgaria), and Roberta Metsola (EPP, Malta). The event presented the main achievements of the campaign and offered a platform for exchange of good practices and patients testimonials.

Closing meeting in the framework of EPF long-term program for capacity building of patients’ organizations


Closing meeting in the framework of a long-term program for capacity building of patients’ organizations took place in Sofia on June 26th, supported by the European Patients’ Forum (EPF). The topic of this training module was “Communication” and gathered 10 organizations – members of the National Patients’ Organization (NPO). Numbers of theoretical and practical tasks were included in the training with the goal to support the organization in the process of preparing their communication plans as well as developing media messages and concrete campaigns in support of their causes. Just for the meeting Walter Atzori arrived from Brussels to personally receive the feedback from the participants. Mr. Atzori is a Director of Programmes and Operations at EPF.



On September 12–13, the Patient Access Partnership will hold its first Regional Conference entitled “Cooperation within the Region: A Way to Improve Access to Quality Healthcare in CEE”. The event which will take place in Sofia (Bulgaria) will gather local representatives of the PACT partners from Central and Eastern European countries, including Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey (the last three being included to ensure timely communication with respect to the latest EU-level trends in the field of health care management). It is possible that the CEE Regional Conference of PACT is the first among other regional conferences to be held in other EU regions in future.

Access to HIV treatment was a topic of training for experts from Southeast Europe


Regional training on Improved Treatment and Care Access (ITACA) took place from 12 to 15 May 2016 in Warsaw Poland. The training was organized by the Network of Low Prevalence Countries in Central and South East Europe (NeLP) and the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) and was made possible through sponsorship from Bristol-Myers Squibb. The training had 25 representatives from 17 of NeLP countries, and was centered on HIV Continuum of Care Treatment Cascades in Central and South East Europe.

NPO and Rotary Club carried out sexual and reproductive health training for youngsters


The initiative is part of a long-term partnership between the National Patients’ Organization and Rotary Club who together in the framework of the campaign “I know” carry out different initiatives devoted to HIV prevention. During this year and also in 2015 the partners put a focus on young people in high school age. Just another in a series of trainings took place in the professional high school on commerce and hospitality in the city of Vratza.

“Facing the challenge of multimorbidity…and how do we make it work for the patient”


“Facing the challenge of multimorbidity…and how do we make it work for the patient” was discussed at Gastein
Оn the 1st of October, the Patient Access Partnership (PACT) organised a session on “facing the challenge of multimorbidity… how do we make it work for the patients” at the European Health Forum in Gastein. This session gathered more than 60 participants from across the EU.