Business breakfast “Green investment – perspectives before the socially responsible companies”

The Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF) discussed the priorities in ecology with the mayor of Sofia Ms. Yordanka Fandakova and the Minister of environment and water Ms. Ivelina Vasileva. “We expect support for our policies by the private sector and participation in sustainable projects so we can advance the development of Sofia as a green city”, said the mayor during the discussion within the Green investment forum, organized by the BBLF and the National Patients’ Organization (NPO).

The Minister of environment and water Ms. Vasileva introduced some accents in the policies of the Ministry as well as the so called Operational programs of the EU that concern the environment and other green investment. Dr. Stanimir Hasardzhiev, Chairman of National Patients’ Organization introduced a project for development and construction of a National Patients’ Center – the first public green building.

More than 40 business leaders took part in the meeting – high level managers of leading Bulgarian and international companies like Adhoc, AstraZeneca, Green Life Property development, Devnya cement, Denkstadt, Dental clinic Peter Duchev, InterImage, Coca Cola Bulgaria, Creative Solutions, Quadrant Beverages, Microsoft Bulgaria, Max Telecom, MM Group, M3 Communications Group, Sitel Bulgaria, Tangra, Teva, TeleLink, Hilton Sofia, Chariot Motors, Schenker, Ernst & Young Bulgaria, Unique Estate and others.

Mr. Christian Petrov, Executive Director of the Municipal agency for privatization and investment and Ms. Eva Mitova, Mayor of Poduyane region of Sofia also took part in the meeting and discussions. They invited the business to invest in ecological projects in the municipality.

“We all have a common goal to live in a country that is attractive for investment, work and life. As a community of a responsible business we share the responsibility in finding solutions to the challenges before the environmental protection and we welcome this opportunity to discuss the investment in sustainable development, in good practices and innovation as well as learning more about the novel and intriguing project of show green building”, stated Mr. Iravan Hira, Chairman of BBLF in his opening remarks.

“Among the priorities of the Sofia municipality is to make the capital a green city through targeted policies – improving the public transport, construction of the subway (metro) system, renovating streets, decreasing the traffic, energy efficient pubic lights, renovating buildings, systematic care of the parks and smart waste management”, stated Ms. Fandakova. “The air pollution is among the main problems of the environment but the results of the measures undertaken is permanent reduction in the greenhouse gas emissions”, she added.   

“We need a complex approach and unity of efforts of the local and central authorities, the business, the citizens and their organizations”, said Ms. Vasileva, Minister of environment and water and added that the responsible companies comply strictly with the environmental legislation. She introduced some of the financial mechanisms of the Ministry that support eco projects – the EU funds. An initiative for management of activities on protecting the environment, the National Trust Eco Fund and others and stressed on the possibility the business to take part in public-private partnerships within projects related environmental protection.  

The Chairman of National Patients’ Organization Dr. Stanimir Hasardzhiev announced the project for construction and development of the first entirely green public building in the provided by Poduyane region of Sofia former school building. “The future National patients’ center will focus on health and social activities and the building itself will be a paramount example of the importance of green technologies. The building will function as a show room where all applied innovative ecological solutions can be seen and touched. “We can achieve all that with the support of the business”, he added and invited the interested companies to get better acquainted with details on the website of the organization

The business leader brought up questions related to lowering the number of the networks of the telecoms; the high taxation level of the new and hybrid automobiles; the stimulus for usage of elctromobiles and bicycles and others. Two companies – Teva and AstraZeneca announced at the event that they will support financially the development of the Patients’ center.

In line with its mission to engage key public figures in positive social change the BBLF organized series of meetings with representatives of different institutions. The aim is to facilitate the partnership between them and the responsible companies operating on the Bulgarian market. 

About BBLF

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