National Conferences of the National Patients’ Organization

  • I National Congress of Patient Organizations

The first National meeting of the patients’ organizations-members of NPO was held on 12 May 2010, during the medical exhibition Bulmedika/Buldental.

More than 40 NPO member organizations attended the meeting and took part in the discussions.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of Bulgarian health institutions and directors of the associations ArPharm and BGPharmA, healthcare specialists, experts and patients.

The main highlights of the meeting were:

  • Perspectives for NPO and its member organizations at national and regional level: Presentation of the projects ‘Close to you’, ‘The patient – the Policy maker’, European day for patients’ rights
  • Presentation by the National Health Insurance Fund – Cooperation with patients’ organizations on national and regional level
  • Presentation by the Executive Agency ‘Medical audit’ within the Ministry of Health – The role of medical audit in patient’s favour
  • Vaccines – one of the most important discoveries in medicine
  • Presentation by the generic association BGPharm – Generics – affordable quality
  • ArPharM: „Ethical code of the relationship between research pharmaceutical companies and patients’ organizations in Bulgaria”


  • II National Congress of Patient Organizations

The II National Congress of the patient organizations, members of NPO, was held on 8-9 June 2012. The congress focused on 2 key topics – Prophylactics of socially significant diseases and Pharmacoeconomics and Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

The event was attended by the Minister of Health, Ms Desislava Atanasova, Dr. Daniela Daritkova, head of the Health Commmitte, representatives of the Bulgarian Red Cross, Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, the Bulgarian Association of Healthcare Professionals as well as around 100 representatives of patient organizations in Bulgaria and other healthcare stakeholders and experts.

  • III National Congress of Patient Organizations

The III National Congress of Patient Organizations was held on 11-13 October 2013 г. in Borovets, Bulgaria. The event was focused on the launched national programs and strategies of the Ministry of Health; adverse drug reactions; possibilities for compassionate use of medicinal products implementation and Capacity building among patients organizations.


The event was attended by around 150 people – official guests from the Ministry of Health, the professional organizations (Bulgarian Medical Association, Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, and Bulgarian Association of Healthcare Professionals), representatives of the other nationally representative patient organizations, patient leaders across the country, and other stakeholders.



  • IV National Congress of Patient Organizations

The IV National Congress of Patient Organizations was held on 13-15 June 2014 in Veliko Tarnovo. The event was organized under the auspice of Veliko Tarnovo municipality, and gave the participants the opportunity to enjoy the popular spectacle “Sound and Light”.

The topic of the Congress was “Cooperation between patient organizations and institutions on national and local level” and aimed to present best practice examples for cooperation with the institutions and ensure dialogue on implementation of programs on national level, where patient organizations from the regions could be involved actively.

The event was welcomed by the deputy mayor of Sofia, General Stoyan Tonev and other official representatives and was attended by over 140 people – representatives of the largest municipalities in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Employment Agency, patient organizations from Greece and Macedonia, patient leaders from all regions of Bulgaria, etc.


  • V National Congress of the Patient Organizations

The V National Congress of patient organizations was held on 29-31 May 2015 in Park Hotel Vitosha, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The forum was open with welcome speeches by the Minister of Health, Dr. Petar Moskov, Dr. Daniela Daritkova, Head of the Health Committee, representatives from the Health Insurance Fund, Bulgarian Medical Association, National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products, Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union and the Bulgarian Association of Healthcare Professionals.

Around 160 participants from Bulgaria and abroad took part in the event which was focused on the topic “Access to quality health care and treatment for patients in Bulgaria”. It included a special discussion panel on “Reforms in the healthcare system in favour of the Bulgarian patients” when all the forthcoming reforms in the sector were discussed as well as panel and working sessions related to access to medicines and quality healthcare services, presentation of the “Partnership for Health” initiative, etc.